• SMART SPEAKER G3 You do life. We’ll do tunes.
  • SMART SPEAKER G3 You do life. We’ll do tunes.
Introduction ImageIntroduction Image
Ok Google, play my Tea Time playlist
Alright. Playing your playlist called Tea Time now
VC-GX30 (B)

Introducing your new lifestyle concierge with the Google Assistant built-in. Ask for any music you want and enjoy lush hi-fi sound designed by Onkyo’s audio artisans. Control any Chromecast-enabled speaker system by voice with Chromecast built-in. Intelligent hands-free tasking and home control capabilities join sublime music reproduction to make your life better.

Meet your Google Assistant Image Meet your Google Assistant Image
Ok Google, set a timer for five minutes
Sure, five minutes. Starting… now
VC-GX30 (W)

Meet your Google Assistant

The Onkyo Smart Speaker G3 has the Google Assistant built-in. You can stream music, find answers on Google Search, manage everyday tasks, and easily control smart devices around your home—simply by using your voice. Just say “Ok Google” to start a conversation with your Google Assistant.

Google Assistant built-in Logo
Automate your home Image Automate your home Image
Ok, turning off the coffee maker
You got it, turning the living room light on
Ok Google, turn off the coffee maker
Ok Google, turn on the living room light
Ok Google, turn off the coffee maker
Ok, turning off the coffee maker
VC-GX30 (B)
Icon Image

Automate your home

The Google Assistant works with selected smart devices from leading brands including Philips Hue, SmartThings, and Nest for easy home automation by voice. For example, you can ask the Google Assistant to dim lights or control room temperature in different areas of your home.

One app for easy setup

The Google Home app sets up your Smart Speaker G3. It helps you connect your preferred music service for voice-automated streaming, and configure your smart appliances for voice operation.

Google Home app Image
Multi-room music with Chromecast built-in Image Multi-room music with Chromecast built-in Image
Ok Google, play album in the living room
Alright. Playing album in the living room now
VC-GX30 (W)

Multi-room music with Chromecast built-in

As well as playing any tracks from leading online services, you can ask Smart Speaker G3 to send music to Chromecast-enabled home theaters, wireless speakers, soundbars, and hi-fi systems with via Chromecast built-in. Enjoy in one room or everywhere at once, with control by voice. Chromecast built-in also works with Chromecast-enabled apps for iPhone, iPad, Android™ devices, Mac or Windows® laptop, and Chromebook™.

Chromecast built-in Logo
Sound you can feel Image

Sound you can feel

Pick up the speaker in your hand. You’ll notice its weight. That’s because Smart Speaker G3 has a custom woofer with massive magnet, soft-dome tweeter, and powerful switching amp in a resonance-tuned wood cabinet. The sound is fantastic. Trust Onkyo’s 70 years in hi-fi to elevate your music.

Tuned cabinet for clear sound

Engineers mapped undesirable sound interactions inside the prototype and used this information to tune the enclosure to erase them. With no standing waves or unwanted resonances, bass is deeper, punchier, and mid-range clearer than you’d expect. The wood enclosure is built to handle the weight and power of the main woofer, and serves music rich and clean across a big soundstage.

Custom 2-Way drivers

Custom woofer is encircled by a thick metal frame supporting a massive magnet. This motor generates huge force to throw the woofer cone about 1.5 times further than conventional speakers. Longer excursion means wider frequency response and deeper bass. High frequencies are aired by a quality soft-dome tweeter. Music takes shape realistically with energetic presentation for satisfying listening.

High-output amplification

Original switching amplification achieves excellent thermal efficiency for high driving power with virtually no heat. Dynamic noise reduction DSP technology assures clear and smooth sound. Enjoy music rich in detail and emotion at whatever volume suits your mood.

Floating Mic for Accurate Voice Recognition Image Floating Mic for Accurate Voice Recognition Image

Floating Mic for Accurate Voice Recognition

As an AI product, it’s important the G3 captures your voice accurately from a distance, even during music playback and amidst background noise. That’s why the microphone is isolated on a floating board embedded in a rubber panel on the speaker’s upper surface. Electromechanical interference caused by chassis resonance is eliminated. The mic’s flat linearity is unlocked for a precision voice capture, allowing the AI assistant to respond instantly.


Smart Speaker G3

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