Onkyo releases Spotify Connect firmware for 2013 and 2012 model year A/V receivers and HTiB packages

December 18, 2014

A free firmware update enabling Spotify Connect on many 2012 and 2013-model network-ready Onkyo A/V receivers and HTiB packages is now available for download.

Compatible 2013 models include the TX-NR525, HT-RC550, TX-NR626, HT-RC560, TX-NR727, TX-NR828 and TX-NR929 A/V receivers and HTiB packages.

Compatible 2012 models include the TX-NR414, HT-R758, HT-RC440, TX-NR515, TX-NR515AE, HT-RC460, HT-R791, TX-NR616, TX-NR616AE, HT-RC470, TX-NR717, TX-NR818, TX-NR1010, TX-NR3010 and TX-NR5010 A/V receivers and HTiB packages.

Spotify Connect firmware was previously made available for 2014 models including the TX-NR535, TX-NR636, TX-NR737, TX-NR838, TX-NR1030, and TX-NR3030 network A/V receivers; the PR-SC5530 Network A/V Controller; and the HT-S5700, HT-S7700 and HT-S9700THX home theater packages.

The update allows Spotify Premium subscribers to stream over 20 million tracks from the Spotify smartphone and tablet application to their A/V component, with the service bolstering a suite of existing streaming options bundled with Wi-Fi®-enabled Onkyo home theater products. Spotify Connect also allows users to make calls or use other apps without interrupting playback since the technology is built into the receiver.

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