“Onkyo is always striving to ensure our AV Receivers work in harmony with the latest home theater speaker releases,” – Rolf Hawkins, Onkyo Global Product Manager

That statement is the crux of a new offering on all 2021 Onkyo AV Receivers and any new AV Receivers that come to market. Klipsch Optimize Mode allows you to easily integrate your new Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers seamlessly with your high-quality Onkyo AV receiver.

“To simplify setup, Klipsch and Onkyo teamed up to implement the precise crossover values for specific new Reference Premiere speakers,” Hawkins says.  In simpler terms, your Onkyo AV Receiver is all ready to work in sync with your Klipsch speakers.

Klipsch Optimize Mode is now available on the following Onkyo AV Receivers:


How Does Klipsch Optimize Mode Work?

When we say easy, we mean it. 

Go into the setup menu on your AV Receiver using your remote.

Toggle to Speakers>Configuration.

Hawkins says to be sure to select the correct number of speakers connected to your AV Receiver for optimal sound performance. 

Klipsch Optimize mode is preset for their premium, award-winning speakers. Toggle over to “Crossover” in the menu, choose “Klipsch” as your speaker brand and you’ll see the precise settings. 2021 Onkyo AV receivers are tailored to Klipsch so you get a full and precise soundstage across the frequency spectrum. It just sounds better. 

What About Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Speakers?

Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers add an immersive, 360° layer of sound, taking you right to the center of the action or the recording studio. Klipsch Optimize Mode lets you configure your height speakers so you get a real movie theater sound experience. 

Just measure the distance your speakers are from the ceiling and input that number into the settings.

How Do I Select My Klipsch Speakers? 

Select “Klipsch” as the brand in the “Speaker Combo” section of the setup menu. From there, just pick your exact models.

In this example, you have the RP-8060FA II Dolby Atmos floorstanding speakers, RP-500C II center channel speaker, RP-500SA II Dolby Atmos surround speakers, two pairs of RP-600M II bookshelf speakers, and the R-120SW 12-inch subwoofer. Just make sure the crossover type you select beforehand is “Klipsch” to truly experience your movies, music, and games in an entirely new and immersive soundscape.