Sound is our passion. You probably feel the same way about your work. Well we’re looking for artists, dancers, musicians, entertainers and all-around creatives who use our products during any part of their process or daily life.

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Tell us about your work! It doesn’t matter if you’re a visual, performing, literary or any other form of artist, we want to hear about it. Also let us know how Onkyo products help with your creative process—how does music play into your creative pursuits? If you’re a music creator, do you use Onkyo products in your studio?

We’ll Reach Out to You

If your story aligns with ours, we’ll contact you to further discuss how we can co-promote. If ultimately selected, we’ll fly to you and produce a video showcasing your artwork and process alongside Onkyo products.


We’ll Promote Your Work

If selected, we’ll work with you to promote your work across all our social channels as well as producing a video featuring Onkyo products and your work. You’ll also receive some FREE stuff, which is always nice! ?


What Might You Get?

Selected applicants will be eligible to receive a variety of Onkyo Products including:

  • RZ Series A/V Receivers
  • Speaker Systems
  • Mini Systems
  • Onkyo + Sonos Bundles

Onkyo reserves the right to determine what products a selected applicant will receive based on current availability.


Please note that not all fields below are required. However please do your best to complete as many relevant fields as possible in order to inform us about your work.

Some Important Information

  • Terms of agreement between artist and Onkyo will vary depending on type of work, location and additional factors.
  • Artist will retain all copyrights to their original work.
  • You do not have to own Onkyo products currently to apply.
  • Application responses from Onkyo may take 1-2 weeks depending on volume of requests.