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Onkyo Support Line

Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm EST

Australia Support Line

Tuesday thru Saturday 7am to 1pm AEST

Please note we are NOT able to support Onkyo digital audio players, soundbars, wireless speakers and headphones. Please reach out to Onkyo Global Support for assistance on these products.

Dirac Network Error 1001/ Other Network Applications

If you have been experiencing network error issues recently. We like to inform you that everything has been restored with the server that supports the DIRAC and Chromecast functionality.  We appreciate your patience, and we thank you for being loyal Onkyo customers.

Please note if you experienced a network error issue when the server was down and still are receiving an error message, you may need to do a soft reset on your receiver to be able to reconnect to the server. To perform a soft reset, turn off your receiver and unplug from the outlet for one or two minutes. After that time plug the receiver back into the outlet and rerun your applications.

Send a direct email to our support team below: