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Digital Audio Player

  • PD-S10B   New!

    Digital Audio Player

    • Twin ESS SABRE® ES9018C2M DACs & SABRE® ES9601K amplifiers
    • Fully balanced L/R circuit layout and separate audio and processing boards
    • Customized high-current, high-capacity conductive polymer chip capacitors
  • DP-X1A  

    Digital Audio Player

    • Twin SABRE® ES9018K2M DACs
    • Twin SABRE 9601K Amplifiers
    • 64 GB internal memory
  • DP-S1  

    Digital Audio Player

    • Twin DACs and Amps for Balanced Audio
    • Dual Precision Clocking Mechanisms
    • Wide Music File Support (MQA, FLAC, more)


  • DPA-PUX1   New!

    Premium Case for Your Onkyo DAP

    • Sleek design to exclusively fit DP-X1/A
    • Textured black PU leather exterior
    • Yellow microfiber interior
  • DPA-PLS1  

    Protective Case for the DP-S1 & PD-S10

    • Sleek design to exclusively fit DP-S1 & PD-S10
    • Stylish, custom faux leather case
    • Yellow microfiber interior