• Unique Non-Pressed Cone Woofer
  • Silk Onkyo Micro Fiber (OMF) for Detailed Mids
  • 6 Ohm impedance
  • Max input power 150W
  • Freq Response: 30 Hz - 50 kHz

The Latest in a Line of Legendary Speakers


The first D-77 loudspeaker was released in Japan in 1985. It earned cult status for deep, open, and musical performance— particularly its ability to provide a sense of scale to orchestral and other highly complex musical pieces. With the resurgence of analog Hi-Fi, the timing is perfect for the return of the mighty D-77NE.

Unique Non-Pressed Cone Woofer

Developed by Onkyo in 1950, the non-pressed paper cone offers clear advantages over pressed paper designs because it is tougher but lighter and more able to producing deep, rhythmic, and accurate bass. Unique production methods result in a cone that's built for speed and accuracy.


Silk Onkyo Micro Fiber (OMF) for Detailed Mids


Delicate and precise, silk is also the world's strongest natural fiber and used to enhance the five inch OMF mid-range drivers. Layers of ultra-thin silk and polyester resin provide the stiffness necessary for fast and precise audio reproduction. These drivers showcase every nuance in vocal performances with pure energy.

Crisp and Clear Sound

These tweeters articulate crisply with no sibilance or sense of compression, delivering clear highs at any sound level.


Handcrafted and Tuned


The cabinets are each individually tuned to reproduce the best harmonics from the three drivers. The complex hand-made wood bracing system acts in a similar way to an acoustic guitar body, distributing resonances evenly. The resulting sound is highly enjoyable and recreates the intimacy of a live performance.

Independent Network Circuits

Each one of the drivers is connected to its own individual network circuit. This insulates the integrity of each driver's signal for maximum purity of sound.


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