WARNING: IF YOU PURCHASE AN ONKYO PRODUCT FROM AN UNAUTHORIZED INTERNET DEALER, YOUR ONKYO WARRANTY WILL NOT BE VALID. If you have questions about the validity of a certain dealer, please contact us at 1-800-229-1687 before making your purchase.

Warranties are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Purchasing second-hand items from places like eBay and Craigslist, will make the buyer ineligible for the manufacturer's warranty.

Please note that Amazon is an ONKYO Authorized Dealer. However certain resellers on Amazon.com are NOT authorized to sell ONKYO products. Buying from these unauthorized dealers on Amazon will EXCLUDE you from the ONKYO USA Corporation Limited Consumer Warranty. When purchasing ONKYO products on Amazon, pay special attention where it is being "Shipped from" or "Sold by," which can be found in the general headers of the product page, shopping cart and checkout page.

Your ONKYO warranty will be void if you purchase from (and not limited to) the following list of dealers:

  • A to Z Special Offers
  • Audio Video Sales Guy
  • Basu
  • Best-Way-to-Buy
  • CodeRed Express
  • Crawford’s
  • Crawford’s Superstore
  • Deal-Hunters
  • Divani Home
  • Eric’s Electronics and Oddities
  • EZ Deals
  • Fair Deal Guy
  • Giftmart
  • GWE Deals
  • Home and Garden Club
  • Home Electronics
  • Itsocase
  • J-Tech Digital
  • JRD Sales
  • Lee Companies
  • MalyZajac
  • MCM Electronics
  • Outserve
  • Premier Audio Video
  • The Real Best Buys
  • Value Auctions
  • Vanne
  • WSC Home Audio Video

Remember, You can always call our support at 1-800-229-1687 to see if a dealer is an Authorized ONKYO Dealer or you can search for Authorized Resellers here or view Authorized Online Resellers here.