TX-DS898 7.1-Channel Digital Surround Receiver

Presenting the remarkable new TX-DS898, a home-theater centerpiece whose 7.1 independent channels of high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth equal-power and thoughtful features are the result of a single-minded approach to its engineering and designnamely, to provide you with a home-entertainment experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Heres a short list of what you can expect: 7.1-channels and THX Surround EX decoding to take you and your audience to a new level of soundtrack-sonic excitement, a pure-audio mode that turns off the display and video circuitry to provide the cleanest audio signal possible, powered Zone 2 to let you enjoy different sources (audio or video) in two rooms simultaneously, an assignable 12-volt trigger to switch on a Zone-2 amplifier, HDTV-ready component-video circuitry for crystal-clear picture quality, and an optional astonishingly versatile touchscreen LCD remote that will put you in command as never before.

HDMI Switching Input/Output
DTS 96/24
Dolby ProLogic IIx
Enhanced IPOD Compatibility
DS-A1 Compatible

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