MC-5TECH Component Shelf System

If you're looking for a great sounding system with the looks to match, this superbly engineered performer is for you. Its Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) and high-quality discrete output stage circuitry give you a wide, distortion-free frequency response, as well as high-current low-impedance power, for cleaner, more detailed sound. For convenient, high-performance CD playback, there's a sleek 3-disc CD changer. It boasts a single-bit Accupulse D/A converter to bring out even the tiniest details and subtle nuances. A convenient changer mechanism that lets you change up to two discs during play. You'll also find a digital stereo tuner with 30 AM/FM presets, a 3-step Acoustic Presence control, a convenient 4-mode timer, and OMF Speakers with banana-plug-compatible speaker terminals to accommodate high-quality speaker cable. Plus, with Line/DVD inputs, a subwoofer pre out, and processor in/out jacks, you can even create your own home theater.Click here for more info on Onkyo OMF speakers.

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