DV-C601 6-Disc DVD/CD Changer

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Take Onkyos world renowned DVD/CD sound quality, add in a slew of advanced video controls, top it off with 6-disc changer convenience, and youve got the DV-C601 - the worlds easiest-to-use, best sounding carousel changer out there. It lets you change up to 5-discs during play, so youll never have to interrupt the audio or video action. And you wont want to - because an advanced Burr-Brown 96 kHz/24-bit DAC system gives this player sound so pure and detailed, it rivals the performance of some of the best CD players out there. Its video capability is right up there with the best, too, boasting some uncommon features like a enhanced black-level control, 3-mode zoom, and the ability to pass PLUGE signals. Youll also find a CD Only mode that automatically skips loaded DVDs and plays only the loaded CDs, a SCART connector, two digital outputs, and a whole lot more.

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