DS-A2X Remote Interactive Dock for iPod

$109 MSRP

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Video Compatibility, Greater Control and a Heftier, More Detailed Sound for Your iPod

The next-generation Remote Interactive Dock for the iPod, the DS-A2X, brings the iPod even closer to Onkyo’s world. With the ability to accommodate video files alongside audio, the DS-A2X brings out the full potential of the latest iPod models, while delivering famed Onkyo sound quality. Through an on-screen display function that enables you to view music track lists, the RI Dock ensures easy navigation of your music via its dedicated remote control. The cradle-shaped DS-A2X, with its easy-matching black exterior, neatly supports the iPod and recharges it as long as the Dock remains connected to an AC power supply. It also offers a wide choice of integrated functions when connected through an Onkyo component’s Remote Interactive (RI) terminal.

Supported iPods

  • 4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel (Latest Software Version)
  • 5th Generation iPod with Video (Latest Software Version)
  • iPod Photo (Latest Software Version)
  • iPod Mini (Latest Software Version)
  • iPod Nano (Latest Software Version)

Audio Only

  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Nano (3rd gen)
  • iPhone

Not Supported

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen iPod

On-Screen Display for Easier Navigation and Selection of Audio Tracks

The DS-A2X comes with an on-screen display (OSD) mode that enables you to view track lists (artists, albums, songs, genres, composers) on your connected display for easy navigation and selection. In OSD mode, you can browse your iPod using the keys on the dedicated remote controller. And long lists on your iPod are not a problem.You can choose from four page modes—Small, Medium, Large and Page—that let you move through the list in progressively larger steps. The OSD displays information about the track being played—playback status, shuffle mode, playback time and total time—just like on the iPod itself. You can also choose the background color of the OSD and set the time at which the screen saver is activated.

Dedicated Remote Controller for Enhanced Control and Functionality

There’s no need to handle your iPod while it’s sitting in the DS-A2X, as it comes with its own remote controller to control all basic playback functions. With its simple layout and easy operability, this palm-fitting remote controller is particularly handy for navigating and selecting your music through the OSD. But that’s not all.The remote controller also brings one-touch control for random playback of songs or albums; a resume function that will return to the track being played when the iPod is stopped or removed from the Dock; and a repeat function for one track or all. The remote controller can also be used to set its own ID (an option when you have multiple remote controllers as part of your system) or to select NTSC or PAL for video playback.

Charge Your iPod Battery While You Enjoy Your Music

The DS-A2X has an AC adaptor on the rear that needs to be plugged in when you play back your music. When your iPod is in the RI Dock, your iPod’s battery will charge whenever the Dock is connected to its power source. While you’re enjoying the iPod’s music in the comfort of your own home, you’re also fully charging your iPod for when you’re on the move.

Added Functionality Through the Remote Interactive (RI) Function

With the first RI Dock model, if you wanted to control basic iPod functions, such as Play, Pause, Next Song and Previous Song, you had to connect the dock through the RI terminal on an Onkyo component. With the DS-A2X, this is no longer necessary. What’s more, you now have extra options available through the RI function. For example, with the System On/System Off function, the powering on/off of your system will also power on/off the DS-A2X and iPod. Likewise with the Auto Power On function: By pressing your remote controller’s play button while your system is in Standby mode, the system will automatically turn on and select your iPod as the input source. The Auto Selector (Direct Change) function will automatically select your iPod as the input source if you start iPod playback while listening to another input source. And with the iPod’s Timer function, you can power on and start playback at a specified time.

Watch Your iPod’s Video Content and Share Your Digital Photos

Switch off the OSD, and you can enjoy video playback via the DS-A2X’s composite video output. Also, you can view your photos as a slide show over the larger display of your TV—a far more enjoyable experience than viewing your photos on a cramped computer display. While reliving the images in your slide show, you can also play music through your Onkyo system.

Special Features

  • iPod Cradle for any audio components and systems through RCA connections
  • RI controllable with most Onkyo systems using your Onkyo remote
  • iPod charging function
  • Built-in Onscreen graphics generator to display Playlist Information (Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Composer)
  • Remote control included

Power SupplyAC adaptor (5 V DC)
Power Consumption0.5 W (iPod not inserted)
ConnectorsComposite video out jack, audio out L/R jacks, RI jack, DC in (5 V [1 A]) jack
Dimensions (W x H x D)4 7/16" x 2 3/8" x 4 7/16"
(112 x 60 x 112 mm)
Weight0.51 lbs. (230 g)
Power SupplyAC adaptor (5 V DC)
Power Consumption0.5 W (iPod not inserted)
ConnectorsComposite video out jack, audio out L/R jacks, RI jack, DC in (5 V [1 A]) jack
Dimensions (W x H x D)4 7/16" x 2 3/8" x 4 7/16"
(112 x 60 x 112 mm)
Weight0.51 lbs. (230 g)

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