DAC-HA200 D/A Converter / Headphone Amplifier

$399 MSRP

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The first practical and portable DAC/amp to provide a direct-digital connection to your iPod touch®, iPhone®, or iPad®

DAC headphone amp and earbuds

Hi-res On The Go

The DAC-HA200 brings high-resolution D/A conversion and premium Onkyo amplification to all the headphones in your collection. As well as connecting Lightning-equipped iOS devices, the USB-A input supports AOA 2.0-compliant Android devices for CD-quality sound, while a USB Micro-B input links to PC and Mac. View Connections.

hi-res audio equalizer app

Killer App

When connected via USB, the DAC-HA200 offers free access to the Onkyo HD Player Pack app, allowing you to load your iOS device with 96/24 and 5.6 MHz DSD albums and to personalize the sound with a 16,384-band equalizer.

DAC headphone amp

Giant Tech, Bite-Sized

The compact aluminum amp is loaded with proven technology, including a Burr-Brown PCM5102 D/A converter, MUSES 8920 op-amp, and a discrete Class AB push-pull output stage.

hi-res audio headphone amplifier

Est. 1946

As you would expect from a company that’s been handcrafting hi-fi equipment since 1946, audio performance is an extraordinarily vital, energetic and engaging listen on headphones of any kind. In your pocket or on the desktop, the DAC-HA200 is a must-have for any music lover that's serious about discovering how good a portable setup can sound.

Portable High-Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converter
Headphone Amplifier
Compatible with iOS Devices ✓ (with Lightning Connector)
Compatible with Android Devices ✓ (AOA 2.0-Compliant via USB A-type Input)
Asynchronous High-Resolution D/A Converter
Compatible with PC
Compatible with MAC
Compatible with Android
High-Precision Clock ✓ (to Reduce Jitter and Digital Noise)
Free Access to HD Player Pack ✓ (iOS via USB- Onkyo HF Player App Must Be Installed)
HD Player Pack High-Resolution Audio Support from X
HD Player Pack Support (from iOS Devices) 96 kHz/24-bit FLAC, WAV, ALAC, 5.6 MHz DSD
HD Player Pack Enables 16,384-band HD Eq ✓ (with Memory Presets)
96 kHz/24-bit-Capable Optical Input
TI Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC ✓ (for Clear and Accurate Sound)
MUSES 8920 Op-Amp ✓ (with Discrete Low-Distortion Push-Pull Circuitry)
High Output Power and Selectable Two-Stage Gain ✓ (for 8-600 ohm Headphones)
Up to Approx. 11 Hours Battery Life
8-Hour Recharging
ErP2-Compliant Power-Saving Feature ✓ (Shuts Down Device After 30 min. w/No Input Signal)
Optical/Analog Switching Input
Easily Adjustable Volume Control Knob ✓ (with Bump Protection)
Compact, Lightweight, and Stylish Body ✓ (Aluminum)
Amplifier Section
Power Output
32 ohms, 1 KHz, 10% THD, JEITA145 mW - 145 mW
300 ohms, 1 KHz, 10% THD, JEITA60 mW - 60 mW
600 ohms, 1 KHz, 10% THD, JEITA35 mW - 35 mW
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise0.003% (32 ohms, 1 kHz, 100 mW - 100 mW)
Frequency Response10 Hz - 100 kHz (Audio IN)
Max. Input Power1 Vrms (Audio IN)
Headphone Impedance8 ohms - 600 ohms
Input Terminals3.5 mm Mini Jack
(optical / Analog Switching)
USB A-Type (USB 2.0)
USB B-Type (USB 2.0)
Headphone Output3.5 mm Mini Jack
Battery Operation TimeApprox. 11 Hours
(Audio IN, 32 ohms, 1 mW - 1 mW Output)
Approx. 8 Hours
(Apple iOS Device, USB-A IN, 32 ohms, 1 mW - 1 mW Output)
Charging TimeApprox. 8 Hours (Using USB Cable and PC)
Sampling Frequency / Bit Depth96 kHz / 24-bit
Dimensions Excluding Potrusions (W x H x D)64 x 21.7 x 112 mm
(2 1/2" x 7/8" x 4 7/16")
Weight210 g (7.5 oz)
Dimensions (W x H x D)170 x 130 x 70 mm
(6 11/16" x 5 1/8" x 2 3/4")
Weight460 g (16.2 oz)
UPC Code
Supplied Accessories
DC power supply USB-A cable for recharging via computerX
USB cable for computer connection (USB Micro-B to USB-A connector)X

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