D-TK10 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers

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Inspired Guitar Craftsmanship and Proven Technology Breaks New Boundaries

The musicality and acoustic personality of a superbly crafted guitar represents more than a physical musical instrument. It should also be thought of as a work of art. This understanding has been a central theme of a joint development project between Onkyo and renowned guitar maker, Takamine, to make a speaker that expresses the positive qualities of both speaker performance and musical instrument design and construction. Onkyo first approached Takamine with the objective of working together to reproduce the natural sound of an accomplished musical instrument. With a combined knowledge of vibrating enclosures, the project team set out to create a cabinet based on Takamine’s “Acoustic Voicing Technology” construction with Onkyo’s speaker expertise. What has been realized is a speaker design that draws on two unique sound philosophies to create a truly revolutionary loudspeaker.

Cabinet Construction Based on Takamine Voicing Acoustic Technology

The project team chose mahogany—a wood that is widely used to construct high-quality guitars—as the base material for this speaker. The mahogany is used as part of a three-layer laminate: two outer mahogany layers with an inner plywood layer. The cabinet was built by closely following methods used in the making of Takamine guitars. Of particular note is the bracing inside the cabinet that contributes to tonality. As Takamine stressed, it is particularly important to use the material’s strength effectively throughout. What followed was a detailed fine-tuning process of the cabinet that continued until all parties were satisfied. To include the baffle with one rounded piece, it was necessary to consider how standing waves and diffraction within the cabinet would affect the speaker’s sound. Then, to support the woofer/tweeter units and the network circuit, the team reinforced the interior with MDF to remove any unnecessary vibrations. To construct a speaker like a guitar, where one flat piece of material is manipulated to achieve its symmetry is an extremely difficult process. Recognizing Takamine’s contribution, the construction process has been named “Takamine Voicing Acoustic Technology.”

New A-OMF Monocoque Diaphragm to Support Woofer Unit

As the latest development in Onkyo Micro Fiber (OMF) for woofer diaphragms, A-OMF Monocoque forms one continuous cover from the center cap over the whole diaphragm’s surface. Like Advanced Onkyo Microfiber (A-OMF), A-OMF Monocoque comprises three layers: an outer polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) layer, an inner aramid layer, and a flexible cotton weave layer between the two. The PEN has a twill (textile weave) that enables the fiber’s weight to be reduced by 30%. By forming one continuous layer over the surface off the diaphragm woofer, A-OMF Monocoque helps prevent breakup (occurring when the cone flexes instead of moves as a perfect piston). Essentially, the fiber is an integral part of the woofer unit, and it serves as a perfect complement to the woofer unit’s piston motion range.

Highly Responsive Ring-Drive Tweeter to Take Frequency Response out to 100 kHz

The D-TK10’s ring-drive tweeter enables an accurate response at high frequencies. The tweeter is designed to take the control of breakup to its limits, and its piston motion enables it to reach the higher end of the frequency range (with no sign of breakup). With the tweeter’s aluminum equalizer, it is possible to get a flat frequency response out to 100 kHz. The whole tweeter unit works to prevent any necessary vibration and to completely remove any noise.

Aero Acoustic Drive to Cut Off High Frequency Interference

Poorly designed bass reflex speakers will be affected by membrane overshoot and poor transient response behavior. With any vented design, the size and placement of the duct is crucial in ensuring that the woofer’s rear-firing and front-firing waves are both in phase. Through its own research of different duct shapes, Onkyo has developed a long, narrow duct—called the Aero Acoustic Drive—that has been proven to be more effective than a circular duct in separating low and high frequency sounds. The bottom duct is separated from the cabinet to further reduce cabinet vibrations. The end result is a more natural, precise sound output.

High Quality Network Circuit with Quality Parts

The D-TK10’s network circuit has a ground potential that is free of any fluctuations, making it possible to generate high-quality audio playback. The circuit also helps to prevent the masking of faint sounds. The parts that make up the D-TK10—including a high-quality, German-made WIMA film capacitor; a leakage-free cable; and gold-plated banana plug-compatible speaker posts—have been included based on the know-how that Onkyo has gained from years of speaker development.

Type 2-Way, Bass Reflex
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Input Impedance
Max. Power 200 W
Frequency Response 50 Hz-100 kHz
Woofer 4" A-OMF Monocoque diaphragm
Tweeter 1-1/4" Ring-Drive
Surround Speakers
Type2-Way, Bass Reflex
Woofer4" (10 cm) A-OMF Monocoque diaphragm
Tweeter4" (10 cm) A-OMF Monocoque diaphragm
Frequency Response50 Hz-100 kHz
Crossover Frequency3.5 kHz
Sensitivity80 dB/W/m
Max. Power200 W
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D)5-1/4" x 10-7/8" x 8-11/16"
Weight6.4 lbs.

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