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Introduce Your iPhone 5 to the Onkyo Sound

Give your music over to the CS-255's punchy amp and separate speakers for an authentic stereo experience.
The CS-255 CD Hi-Fi Mini System combines deeply satisfying audio quality that's beyond what you would expect
from such a compact and affordable system with playback support from a wide range of sources.

Dock It

Dock your iPhone 5, iPod touch® (5G), or iPod nano®(7G) via the Lightning Connector and recharge the device while you listen.The receiver automatically detects your device, selects dock input, and allows you to use the system remote to quickly navigate to your desired track. Audio signals are transported in pure digital form-bypassing the docked device’s analog conversion and gain circuits—for noticeably clearer, deeper, and more realistic sound.

Connect, Charge, Play via USB

Users of legacy iPhone and iPod models can link up in moments via the front-panel charging USB port, which also enables direct-digital audio transfer on these devices. If your smartphone or tablet features a mini-USB port, you can access the MP3 files stored on the device as well.You can also plug in a flash memory drive and use the system remote to select an MP3 library—no hassle, and no fuss.

Clean and Efficient Digital Amplifier

As well as being more energy-efficient than Class AB designs, this digital amplifier produces remarkably clean, detailed sound. Onkyo’s low-noise circuit topology reduces distortion across a wide frequency bandwidth, revealing new layers of depth and detail in your favorite recordings.

Super Bass Function

Sometimes music calls for a little extra bass punch. The two-mode Super Bass function on the CS-255 gives a welcome boost to the low-frequency band, adding just the right amount of heft to bass guitar and kick drum without sounding distorted, harsh, or boomy.

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